Orlando Estate Buyer, Inc. 
               941 W. Fairbanks Ave. Winter Park 32789
Mon-Fri 11a-5p  

 !          Orlando Estate Buyer Inc. is Florida's premier high dollar buyer of luxury items, located in downtown Winter Park, specializing in the purchase of Large Diamonds, precious metals, and Rolex watches. We are well known as Orlando large diamond buyers, as Daniel Montesi, longtime Winter Park resident serves you. Our clients enjoy a highly secure, luxury professional assessment with over 90 percent of those coming in selling to us ! If you have a large, high quality diamond, no establishment pays more than Orlando Estate Buyer . Receive up to $20 an ounce for sterling silver. For fine silver and gold we pay up to 95% of the spot for .999 precious metals. We are always buying Rolex watches! Top dollar for later models with box and papers ! We also buy other high end watches such as Breitling, Panerai, and Patek Philippe. Bring your round, pear shape, marquis, radiant, cushion,oval, princess,and emerald cut diamonds today ! Please view our gallery to find more details about the item you are selling. We are members of Winter Park Chamber of Commerce, Orlando Better Business Bureau, and GIA Alumni Association. Please check our references and online reviews.

Corporate policy requires a minimum item value of $1000 ! All transactions videotaped. Payments by company check.

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 * Office under 24 hour video surveillance

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